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Save the date of January 23rd, for an educational resource on grazing riparian areas and monitoring grazing in Montana

The January 23rd Ennis Range School brings respected leaders to present on helpful topics and tools for Southwest Montana Ranchers. This half day event includes a range of subjects and lunch at the Madison Valley Baptist Church. Agenda 10:00 AM Welcome, Introductions 10:10 AM Dr. Jeff Mosley: Collaborative Conservation in Montana Ranching 11:15 AM Dr….

Streamlining Montana Water Rights Transfers

When marketing farms, ranches or recreational offerings, the first question a savvy buyer should ask is, “Are there water rights associated with the property?” This can make a break a deal if you need water to produce a crop or if you are purchasing a property that has springs or a viable fishery that relies…

This Hunting Season: Help to control the spread of Noxious Weeds

Be sure to add washing your vehicle and ATV to your to-do list this hunting season. When you hunt on private or public lands it is always a good practice to wash the under carriage to avoid the spread of noxious weeds. Always use good judgement and stay on designated trails to help avoid damage…

Last Week of Archery Season in Montana

Well, Another archery season is wrapping up in Montana with only a few days left to get out with your bow. Season closes October 18th then reopens for rifle season after a short rest for the wildlife.  Contact me if you are interested in finding that secluded hunting property in Southwest Montana.

When you Purchase a Property in Montana

In Montana, you do more than purchase your next home –  you purchase your new lifestyle. Southwest Montana is the heart and soul for recreational enthusiasts. Summertime hiking, kite boarding, whitewater rafting, boating, and horseback riding are just a few of the many activities that are out your back door. If you are a winter enthusiast you…

Pack Trip Into Yellowstone National Park

It’s that time of year when people are on the trail and in the mountains. Last year was my 8th annual pack trip with girlfriends from the east coast- all of us ride and most fish. In 2015 we went with Black Mountain Outfitters out of Gardiner, MT. The horses and camp could not have…

Why the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana

The Bitterroot Valley is truly a magical place. Geographically the Valley is approximately 95 miles long extending from Lost Trail Pass at the border of Montana and Idaho nearly to Missoula. It is bordered by the Bitterroot Mountains to the west and the Sapphire Mountains to the East. The Bitterroot Mountains are home to large…

Montana’s Most Precious Resource, Water

Water is Montana’s most precious resource. From hiking mountain lakes, fishing and floating rivers, to watering our fields and cattle; our fresh water is an important factor for life and recreation in our Big Sky state.

I spent a couple of hours with Brant Lumpkin, a Compliance Technician, with the State of Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC). He had a wealth of information regarding our water resources and I will share some of that with you.

Montana Stream Access Law

The path in the grass dropped quickly to where historic seasons of high water had scoured the vegetation away exposing cottonwood roots, leaving piles of branches and beaver chewed sticks.

A few steps through a mud hole and my boots found the smooth river rocks and fine gravel. Even though a ranching family owned acres of land on both sides of the river, the water was mine to enjoy below the high water mark.