Fall Home Maintenance

Fall—When days start getting shorter and the weather a little colder. There is no better time than the fall to get maintenance done on your home. Below are some things you could do to get ready for the snowfall (it will be here before we know it!)

Yard Maintenance

The least favorite job for most people, but one thing that must be done…raking leaves. The variety of colors that come with falling leaves makes your yard look beautiful, but once snowfall comes and covers the leaves, it can prevent new growth come spring time.

Exterior of the Home

Clean gutters and downspouts. Leaves falling in the fall can mean clogged rain gutters, which can lead to pooling water and damage to your siding and roof. Most cities have companies that can help with this task if you are not comfortable with heights!

Stock Up On Winter Materials

Montana isn’t known for easy and warm winters. Be sure to stock up on wood if you burn wood as a source of heat, make sure you have snow shovels and ice scrapers, pick up some ice melt for your sidewalks and driveways, and most importantly, stock up those emergence car kits in case of any unintentional breakdowns.

Pack Up

Pack up water hoses and insulate exterior faucets. With temperatures dropping, you don’t want to have a water line break from leaving hoses hooked up, or a leaking exterior faucet. Shut off exterior water faucets, check for leaks, drain hoses, and store hoses away for the winter.

Safety First!

If you use a wood burning stove to heat your home during the winter, you may want to have a chimney cleaning scheduled during the fall to ensure your heating elements are maintained and property working before you really need to use them!


In addition to this list, there are TONS of other home maintenance responsibilities that can be done in the fall time. Everyone’s homes are different, so figure out which home maintenance tasks fit your situation and the time of year that works best for you to complete them. Happy Fall!