Free Plant and Insect Diagnostics at MSU

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Free Plant and Insect Pest diagnostics at Schutter Lab, Montana State University College of Agriculture in Bozeman.  Whether you live in town or are an Ag Producer, this service is for you.

If you need help identifying a pesky weed, strange insect, or why your tree is dying, Schutter Lab offers free testing and identification to the Montana Residents. You can deliver a sample with the completed lab testing form to the lab on campus by mail or in person.

Lab Testing includes Plant, Tree, Mushroom and Insect ID, as well as, Turf, Tree and Plant disease diagnostics.

The Mission of the Schutter Diagnostic Lab:

Safeguard Montana agriculture, landscapes and public spaces from plant pests by providing identification services, management advice, and education.

Minimize pesticide use by accurately identifying plant pests and providing science-based options for management.

Detect new and invasive pests that pose a risk to Montana and to the U.S. so they do not become significant limitations to agricultural production and international trade.

Montana Ranch Properties’, Leah Olson, Broker/Accredited Land Consultant is a graduate of Montana State College of Agriculture. Leah specializes in helping her clients make informed decisions in the marketing and sales of Montana properties. Put her knowledge to work for you.