Hunting: How Does It Benefit Your Health?

Hunting has been a part of everyday life for humans for thousands of years. Hunting is done as a means of survival and is also done for sport. There are many benefits that hunting has to our health—emotionally and physically.

Nutrition from Meat

Today, people hunt for a source of food for the coming year(s). Venison is normally a very lean protein (low in fat) when compared to other sources of meat. Wild game eats a assortment of natural foods that contain a variety of vitamins—all of which get absorbed into the meat, and enter your body when eaten.


We all know the elk aren’t out in the open and easy to find although sometimes they can be! Elk hunting can be more physically demanding than deer hunting. Hiking through the woods and up hills can make you tired—especially if your carrying a rifle and a pack. Hunting can be a good source of exercise and gets you outdoors!

Emotional Health

Hunting takes a great deal of patience, concentration, and mental discipline. It is a known fact that being outdoors has many added health benefits on its own. While out hunting you can take the time to enjoy what nature has to offer!

Although there are many more health benefits to hunting, each hunter’s situation is different, some hunts can be relatively easy while others can be extremely difficult. For more information on the health benefits of hunting, you can visit: