Now is the Time to Fight Weeds in Montana

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March in Montana brings the sense of Spring Fever, with longer days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Everyone feels a renewed energy, plants and animals alike. Many Montana weed species start to grow with the warmer temperatures in early Spring.

Now is a great time to apply management and control as the young plants are much easier to kill before they gain ground as mature, large plants. The easiest way to identify your weeds is to scout out any new, green regrowth sprouting from the dormant stock and seed heads.

Weed management is not just good, common sense, its Montana state law.

“It is unlawful for any person to permit any noxious weed to propagate or produce seeds on his or her land.”

(MCA 7-2101 through 2153) was established in 1948 to protect Montana from destructive noxious weeds.

Weeds negatively impact the quality and value of our Montana landscapes. The unsightly weeds displace native and desirable plants that are needed for livestock, crop production and wildlife.

Check out this excellent printable property owner’s guide for effective weed control. Tips for Fighting Weeds in Montana

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