Ranching in Rural Montana

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Rural Montana

Let’s face it, Montana is a very rural place. There aren’t many cities, but rather more towns and there is quite the balance between the country and various communities. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA, in 2017 there was found to be 59.8 million square miles of ranch and farm land in Montana. This is the second highest in the nation, behind Texas. The driving force of Montanan industry is agriculture and farms and ranches play a key role in supporting that.

Besides the economic components of Montana farms and ranches, there are some other reasons to live in a rural community or on a farm/ranch. One of these is the potential for a greater appreciation of life and “the little things.” In rural areas, there is more opportunity for people to discover what means the most to them and what matters in life.

In terms of work, there is more of an ability to focus because of less distractions. Another perk is that people don’t have to spend time commuting to work. This is huge for families and helping with personal happiness because it allows more to happen throughout the day, since there is more time. Additionally, rural living is known for being safer merely because there are less people. All of these lead to rural folks having less stress.