Ravalli County Fair and Rocking RC Rodeo

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As a member of the Ravalli County Fair Commission and the Rockin RC Rodeo equipment I wanted to take a moment to extend a sincere thank you and congratulations to all our sponsors. We couldn’t present the Rodeo without your dedication to this community and more specifically to this event. You can take great pride in the fact that this Rodeo becomes bigger and better each year.

I know many of you questioned the gate entry fee for the Ravalli County Fair since Missoula is now free! We want to remind all that once you pay our reasonable gate charge, it is a “one and done” fee. Once you are on the grounds all the shows, including the Rodeo, are free admission, while Missoula charges, particularly for all Rodeo events and it is a much higher fee. Because of this policy the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Rodeo events were standing room only. The crowd size makes these events more exciting to the audience and contestants alike and our crowd sizes have nearly doubled since we stopped charging to attend this event.

I want to encourage all Ravalli County businesses and/or community supporters to add your name to our sponsors list. Your sponsorship provides you with recognition during each performance and improves the top of the mind remembrance of your business or event name and, most importantly, contributes significantly to the success or our Fair and Rodeo.

A major benefit of your sponsorship accrues from the television and instant replay production that was and is being produced from our Rodeo. The firms that provide us the video production on the big screen recorded each event and these productions will be featured on a cable TV channel for four separate months. This station’s reach is Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming. Your Fair Manager and Rodeo Committee members will be working over the next months to refine this most special feature and to provide all our valued sponsors with a detailed description of the value-added production and a clear explanation for all as to how to best take advantage of this new opportunity.

Another added benefit of the big screen and instant replay production that was added this year was the introduction of the logos for all our sponsors constantly scrolling on the same screen on the left-hand side. This provided repeated exposure and promotion for each sponsor.

An event that we added to the Wednesday night venue is our very popular Ranch Rodeo, which features many events that are based on actual working cowboy skills. The crowd size has grown each year and I would like to offer everyone a special invitation to take the time to watch this spectacular show.

See you at the Fair and Rockin RC Rodeo next year!

Rod Freeman