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Guided Hunting in Montana

If you live in or around the state of Montana, you know that the fall season means hunting. With general deer and elk season kicking off this past weekend on October 20th, lots of Montanans were out and about. Montana’s public lands and scenic environment provides a unique experience for hunters to get their animals….

Elk Migration in the Greater Yellowstone Area

Elk migration is a vital part of the Montana ecosystem and habitat for wildlife. Elk are herbivores, meaning they eat plants. Because of them having this type of diet, they are required to migrate to areas in which they can feed. According to National Geographic (2018), “elk migrate to high mountain grazing grounds where the…

Last Week of Archery Season in Montana

Well, Another archery season is wrapping up in Montana with only a few days left to get out with your bow. Season closes October 18th then reopens for rifle season after a short rest for the wildlife.  Contact me if you are interested in finding that secluded hunting property in Southwest Montana.