Technology & Your Ranch

Technology is defined as the “application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.” But how does this apply to ranches? Well, technology is changing the way livestock ranches manage their operations. RanchHacks, a Dillon, Montana based business is helping ranchers across the state effectively utilize technology to save time and money on everyday ranching operations.


RanchHacks has found a way to utilize drones to assist riders in gathering cows. By using thermal imaging, RanchHacks can help find those missing cattle from up to 1 mile away and can see the cattle if they are in a draw or hiding in a bush, thus, finding cows faster and easier and helping direct riders in the correct direction. RanchHacks can also drop the drone down and try spooking the cattle in the right direction.

Marketing Ranches

Finding cows isn’t the only thing this Montana based business can do. RanchHacks also has the tools available to help you with your websites, wi-fi networks, computers and other office applications. If your having problems with it, RanchHacks can help!

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