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Has anyone been to your supper markets lately to the meat counter? Notice that the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) no longer exists. You might be eating Brazilian beef which recently arrived this month and will continue to the tune of 2,500 metric tons per month. Brazil, the world’s largest been processor announced that JBS S.A. expects to export 100 containers of Brazilian fresh been to the US every month. This is no small amount and the US beef producers have taken a huge hit with feeder cattle plummeting to half of what an average calf sold for at weaning time last year.

Fourteen percent of the population raises our food, yet we forget that the 14% needs the support of the American people to keep raising the best, safest and most wholesome product. We are bringing in what we can produce in our own country and drop quality and safety for a dollar in the meat packers pocket. We have not seen any drop in the meat prices the consumer pays yet the ranchers income has taken a 50% hit.

Country of origin labeling was abolished late last year and pushed by our government and backed by the meat packing industry so they could bring in cheap foreign beef. This hurt the cattle industry here in the US which has strict and costly regulations, but who is inspecting the Brazilian beef which is not being processed in the US?

As consumers, ask the personnel at the meat counters where they purchased the beef they are selling and support legislation to stop the meat that is coming from foreign countries that lowers our cost of living. Support the reenactment of COOL so we know when we order a choice cut of meat that it reflects strict safety standards and quality.

Start raising your own beef, pork, chicken, produce, and staples by investing in your own small ranch or farm. Go to and see what options are out there for the small producer and join the 14% that feeds the world.