The Best Ice Fishing Destinations In SW MT

“Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the U.S.–fall, winter, spring or summer.” Make sure you stay up to date on regulations and weather conditions before heading out–ice conditions can change almost as quick as the weather! 

Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Canyon Ferry is location about 20 minutes from Helena and is home to a mass amount of rainbow trout, walleye, ling, rainbow trout and many more. 

Clark Canyon Reservoir

Clark Canyon is located about 20 minutes from Dillon, Montana and is one of the more popular spots for ice fishing–while out on the ice, you’re bound to catch a trout! 

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montana–sitting back 18 miles from Anaconda, this lake is the go-to-spot for a variety of outdoor activities. Georgetown Lake is pretty shallow, making this lake freeze over much sooner than others. You’ll find salmon or trout while out on Georgetown! 

Harrison Lake

Harrison Lake is a pretty small and hidden lake and isn’t as popular as the other lakes mentioned above. Located 5 miles from Harrison, this is a prime ice fishing destination due to it being fed by the Blackfoot River. 

Ruby Reservoir 

Ruby Lake, located 12 miles from Virginia City is stocked with several varieties of trout and is another popular fishing destination in Southwest Montana! 

Brown’s Lake

Brown’s Lake is a State fishing access site which is very popular and draws anglers from across the state. Brown’s Lake generally produces 1-3 pound rainbow trout! 

Hauser Lake

Hauser Lake is a 3,200 acre lake on the Missouri River which holds rainbow and brown trout. There is also record of perch, walleye, and even kokanee salmon. 

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