The Snowcrest Ranch

The Snowcrest, owned by Turner Enterprises, Inc, is a beautiful 13,343-acre ranch located along the Upper Ruby River in Southwest Montana. The ranch operates as a working ranch for the production of bison and wildlife. The Snowcrest Ranch provides a good habitat for a variety of wildlife including mule deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, gray wolves, moose, antelope, black beat, mountain lions, and more.

While providing a magnificent home to wildlife, the Snowcrest Ranch also contains excellent trout in its rivers and streams. Hunting and fishing opportunities are provided through the Montana Hunting Company.

Ted Turner, owner of the Snowcrest Ranch, is known for his sharp business skills and leadership qualities. Ted is the chairman for the Turner Foundation, which supports improving air and water quality, & maintaining wildlife.

The Snowcrest is home to thousands of buffalo located in the Upper Ruby just a short distance from Alder, Montana.


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