Tree Farming in Montana

tree farming

A Generational, Thriving Industry

Tree farming is a foreign topic to many Montanans, but it something that thrives in our state. There are over 500 tree farms in Montana, covering over 162,000 acres of forest land. This industry helps conserve important endangered species’ habitats, keep municipal water supplies healthy, and offer recreational opportunities for communities around the state.

To be a certified tree farm, it is required that the farmer understands sustainable forestry. According to the American Tree Farm System Organization, “The Montana Tree Farm Mission is to promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits, increasing public understanding of all the benefits of productive forestry, and raising the level of knowledge about natural resource issues as related to forestry management.”

Being a tree farmer motivates Montanans with forestry land to proactively manage their property. These farmers are also required to have more than 10 acres of forested land, which keeps the forest sustained efficiently. Tree farming gives the farmer the ability to sell their lumber and create a source of income for their families. Further, it allows these forested areas to sustain wildlife. A nationwide benefit that is being recognized more and more is how trees help clean the air; many cities are planting trees in their communities to help clean up their water systems, and air quality.

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