The Deschamps Ranch

Deschamps ranch

Located south of Frenchtown, Montana (outside of Missoula) is an agricultural oasis that has been around for over four generations. The Deschamps Ranch is one of the oldest ranches in Montana dating back to 1877 when the Deschamps family first settled in Montana. Not only is this a place for farming and vegetation, but there is also a wide range of wildlife that have made this property their home. Animals extending from dozens of bird species to small rodents, like voles, have made this property their habitat. In addition to the agricultural land, there is a historic farmhouse on the property.

This ranch is unique because of how large it is. In an area that is rapidly expanding towards urban development, this 545-acre farmstead still holds its ground. Maintaining this property through times of development is the goal and directive of the Deschamps family. The family is in the process of getting the land under permanent conservation easement- which could preserve the agriculture forever.

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